Photo Booth FAQ

10 questions to ask a Photo Booth company


1. What is the image quality of your booth’s camera?

We use a professional DSLR with Professional grade lens. Camera quality matters. For exact specs on our camera and lenses click here:

2. What kind of lighting does your booth use?

Anyone who uses a camera knows that lighting is a huge factor in getting a good photo. Aside from the fact that you don’t want your picture to be too dark or too bright, there’s the issue of tint. For example, photos taken under a green light can make the subject look like an extra from a ’70’s zombie movie. Ideal photo booth lighting should not create dark shadows or glare, and colours should look normal. Our booth uses an 80-watt Alien-Bees studio strobe-light to get the right kind of lighting.

3. Can your booth do video?

Our still image camera can easily be replaced with a video camera, so yes.

4. Is your booth private?

Although privacy isn’t always necessary, people tend to be less reserved, and more at ease, when they don’t have to worry about people outside the booth looking in. Our booth has wraparound blackout curtains, so privacy is not an issue.

5. How big is your booth?

A photo booth should be big enough to handle a decent-sized group without having to cram people together into an uncomfortable clump. Our booth can handle large group photos, since it’s 5 feet wide and the camera is 8 feet away. Our record is 16 people in the booth at the same time.

6. Is your booth easy to use?

Just step into the booth and there will be a 2 second interval between shots. You’ll know when a photo is about to be taken when the camera starts beeping fast. The attendant does all the work, so it’s as easy as posing for a camera should be.

7. Does your booth have props?

Props can enhance the booth experience, and we have a selection of props to choose from.

8. Do you have on-site printing?

If requested, we can provide on-site printing of your photos, complete with frames.

9. How do we get the photos?

You’ll receive a DVD with all the photos on it shortly after your event.

10. Will everyone at our event get a chance to use the booth?

Every group that goes into the booth gets a set amount of time before making way for the next group in line, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get photos taken in the booth. You don’t have to worry about anyone setting up camp in it and making everyone else wait.

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