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Jessica’s Booth at Salle St. Marco

Jessica’s wedding was held at Salle St Marco, a classy banquet hall in Little Italy. We set up the booth in the corner near the staff entrance, and had to make sure to leave a clear path for servers as we did our setup. We were pleasantly surprised to see a couple of our videographer friends there capturing the event on video. We enjoyed the company of the happy couple and the wedding guests as well, and folks had fun taking crazy pictures in our photo booth to memorialize the special day. This event was definitely a lot of fun, and we were pleased to be a part of it.




Kathleen’s Photo Booth at The Gatineautheque Hall

What a great time we had at our deluxe booth’s trial run! Located at the Gatineautheque hall in the Gatineau region, this small wedding reception produced a lot of great, crazy photos.

We set up in a corner of the hall at 8 pm, assembled the booth from its component rods and connectors, and proved that once assembled, the booth is pretty durable; we were able to pick up the entire assembled booth and move it around. The strength of having the frame made out of aluminum is that although it’s strong, it’s also lightweight and easy to move.

Guests came in starting around 9 pm, and it was great to see that the booth’s curtains really allowed people to let loose and take crazy photos with friends and family that they wouldn’t get anywhere else. People had a lot of fun with the booth and we had a blast manning it. It was great to get such a positive experience with our deluxe booth, and we look forward to many more to come!

Gatineautheque Photo BoothGatineautheque Photo BoothGatineautheque Photo BoothGatineautheque Photo BoothGatineautheque Photo Booth

Rogers Christmas Party Photobooth

This year Ottawa Booth helped out at the Roger’s Christmas party.  The theme was 1920′s and the props for the booth reflected the era. The setup was done by JP at Showtime Canada. Ottawa Booth was hired to capture stills of all the guests in front of the backdrop. We also set up an onsite printer that allowed us to give each guest a printed copy of their photos. For shots that had multiple people we printed a copy for each. Our streamlined process allows a high volume of people to flow through the booth and at the same time have a steady stream of prints coming out.