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Christine’s Wedding at the Museum of Civilization

We set up our photo booth at the Museum of Civilization for Christine’s wedding. I had been there last year to check out a Mayan exhibit, and I was looking forward to going back. The museum is quite enormous, and was designed to look like how the Canadian Shield looked around the time the Ice Age was ending; layered bedrock eroded and smoothed out by flowing water over millennia. Pretty cool concept. The museum is definitely one of the most interesting places to go in Ottawa, and sure enough the wedding was awesome and we took some great photos. Our photo booth rental company really appreciates diversity, and between the museum’s exhibits and the wedding being Lebanese style, we definitely experienced some, and we were thrilled to be a part of it!


Las Vegas Night Photo Booth

We set up the photo booth at Sala St Marco, Ottawa for a Las Vegas themed party put on by Algonquin College’s School of Event Management with the proceeds going to the Children’s Wish Foundation. It was quite a fun night, with an Elvis impersonator, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, a drag show, and plenty of good music for the dancefloor. We were glad to donate our booth to help such a great cause, and we wish the organizers Courtney and Lauren success as they go out to become awesome event planners.





Courtyard New Year’s Wedding Photo Booth Rental

We headed to the Courtyard restaurant in the Byward Market for Kim’s wedding on New Year’s Eve. The structure was built in the 1800’s and the restaurant has a cool historic look. Great quality food as well.
The happy couple were married as we were setting up our photo booth rental, and people were pumped and ready to go get their pictures taken. It was a wonderful, high-energy night – as it should be, since weddings and New Year’s parties are always great by themselves, so why not combine them?
We had our printer set up and it definitely put in work. The booth had near-constant traffic, and we printed out enough photos to bury a person in.
4 hours later, the ball dropped and we ushered in 2013. We at Ottawa Booth had a blast, and it’s great to be able to say that working on New Year’s was so much fun. So ends our first year of business, and we look forward to 2013.


Law Firm Christmas Party Photo Booth Rental

This time we set up our photo booth at the Ottawa Police Association for a local law firm’s Christmas party. It was a fun time, with dinner, dancing, a screen showing music videos, and of course our photo booth; definitely a great night to celebrate the holiday.
On a related note, my Christmas was pretty good. I spent it with my extended family, like I usually do on the major holidays. I know some people dread seeing their relatives, but my family is a pretty cool bunch of people, so I’m lucky. Santa came, too, and I got the exact bundle of socks I wanted. Hopefully anyone reading this had a good Christmas season as well!


Codes Mill Inn Wedding Photo Booth Rental

We traveled to Perth for this wedding. Perth is a good distance away from our location in Ottawa, and we always like to leave early to make sure we have plenty of time to get everything ready for our events. We accounted for the possibility of traffic and bad road conditions, but the roads were clear and we actually got to Perth ridiculously early!
The wedding reception was held at Code’s Mill On The Park, which is a lovely place first built in the 19th century, featuring limestone walls and timber ceilings. We did on-site printing for this photo booth rental, and we had the special job of ensuring everyone had a photo to put in the guestbook. A photo guestbook is so much more interesting than the regular variety, especially with the crazy shots that get taken in our booth; definitely a great way to remember your special day.
This was our first photo booth rental in Perth, and hopefully it won’t be the last!


CASCO Dance Show Photo Booth

We set up our booth at the CASCO show earlier this month. CASCO is an organization run by Ottawa U students that puts on a dance show every year to raise money for CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario). It was definitely an awesome show, with dance numbers for songs from the 1930’s to the present day. There was a lot of talent on display, with excellent dancers, great music and a competitive skipping show. As a socially responsible photo booth company we were glad to do our part to help out sick children. Anyone interested in donating to CHEO can donate here.


Canadian War Museum Photo Booth

This time we had the privilege of working in the War Museum, at the tribute dinner and roast of Senator Doug Finley. We were set up in the main lobby where they were serving cocktails, and the dinner was held downstairs near some massive old tanks. We didn’t see that much of the museum, and I definitely want to go back and check out the exhibits. We’re fortunate living in one of the most peaceful countries in the world, and it’s important for us Canadians to be aware of our history and what’s going on in the rest of the world, even if you’re just a humble photo booth rental company.

This event was our trial run of on-site printing, and thanks to our extensive preparation, it went off with no hitches. The photos turned out great, and we managed to get the Senator himself into every photo (well, his cutout anyway). We hope everyone had as good a time as we did!


Stephanie’s Wedding Photo Booth Rental at Strathmere

This was something of a landmark event for us, as it marked the first use of our prop box. Assembling a variety of photogenic props wasn’t an easy task, but we firmly believe every photo booth rental company should have one.

Stephanie’s wedding was held at The Lodge at Strathmere. Strathmere is a beautiful location for a wedding, out in the country with an old-fashioned cabin experience. Our booth saw lots of action, and everyone had a lot of fun. As for how the props made out, I think the photos speak for themselves!


Pre-Prom Party at Fallowfield

This was a unique event for us as it was the first time we were asked to set up outside, and to make things even more interesting the weathermen were predicting thundershowers. As an Ottawa photo booth rental company, we know all about funky weather. There was a canopy to set up under, so we figured we’d risk the rain. It ended up being a hot, sunny day, although later on we got some gale-force winds! Luckily our booth was sturdy enough to not blow over. We adjusted to this problem by removing the backdrop and used the natural background of trees and grass instead.

Graduating high school is definitely a big deal, and we were glad our booth stood up to the weather challenges so the graduates could get so many awesome photos.




Ottawa University Department of Education Gala Booth

We set up the booth in the Panorama Room at the NAC for this masquerade gala celebrating the graduation of the Ottawa University Department of Education 2012 class. A graduation definitely tops the list of things to get excited about, and these guys didn’t disappoint; we were set up next to the dancefloor and we were impressed by the energy and mad dancing skills on display. The good times carried over into the photobooth too, as we got our biggest group ever (10 people) into the booth.

We’d like to thank the graduating class for such a fun night, and we’re glad to have helped make a great party even more awesome!