Codes Mill Inn Wedding Photo Booth Rental

We traveled to Perth for this wedding. Perth is a good distance away from our location in Ottawa, and we always like to leave early to make sure we have plenty of time to get everything ready for our events. We accounted for the possibility of traffic and bad road conditions, but the roads were clear and we actually got to Perth ridiculously early!
The wedding reception was held at Code’s Mill On The Park, which is a lovely place first built in the 19th century, featuring limestone walls and timber ceilings. We did on-site printing for this photo booth rental, and we had the special job of ensuring everyone had a photo to put in the guestbook. A photo guestbook is so much more interesting than the regular variety, especially with the crazy shots that get taken in our booth; definitely a great way to remember your special day.
This was our first photo booth rental in Perth, and hopefully it won’t be the last!


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